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MACFONT, S.A. Iberland Group, we are a business organization specialized in the supply of raw materials of fish and seafood for the European food industry.

The company, with a long history in the fish and seafood food market, was born in 1987, leading a growing sector with a clear vocation for sustainability and respect for the environment.
All the raw materials we supply are characterized by strict quality controls: taking care of traceability, regularity of product and supply and presentation formats, especially those aimed at industrial uses to avoid excessive handling prior to its incorporation in the productive processes.

Iberland Fish Solutions
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The structure of Iberland Group is made up of processing plants in the five continents and regularization warehouses in the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany and Spain, with the main regulatory warehouse located in Girona, close to the main logistics platforms of the southern Europe, specifically in Barcelona and the south of France. From these platforms, we assume the supply of by-products and derivatives of fishing to our clients based on their geographical location and without quantity limits.

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We constantly collaborate with our clients in the design, advice and production of new products, which is why we offer you the experience of the Iberland team for any queries you may need.

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Pescado Iberland
Pescado Iberland

Raw Materials

We specialize in fish and seafood raw materials obtained from a manual and/or mechanical separation process, strictly controlled and adapted to industrial and food use. In addition to industrial applications, our products are also suitable for supplying channels such as Horeca and Food Services, among others.


Our extensive range includes products such as: Preserves, salads, cakes, pizzas, sandwiches, canapes, skewers, broths and creams, pâtés and mousses, chopped, piquillo pepper and other fillings, sauces, poke-bowl, aromas, stir-fries and culinary brands, pastries, croquettes, bars, pre-formed and pre-cooked in general, etc.

ODS Iberland : Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

One of our pillars as a company is to create a sustainable environment and that is why we set strict guidelines to do so. Companies have a very important role in this goal (Sustainable development goals – SDG): encouraging industrial processes that do not impact the environment, incorporating companies as business partners in their value chain, encouraging the expansion of sustainable and resilient infrastructures.

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