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Iberland Group has a clear vocation of contributing to the sustainability of the food sector, contributing to its competitiveness and quality.

We value our chains for obtaining and distributing fish products. We do this with international certifications such as the BRC, the MSC, the ASC and with the Iberland Group’s own, the green seal Seafood for life that identifies products that meet the basic requirements of quality and responsible use of resources derived from fishing.



British Retail Consortium

A certificate that provides a framework for managing product safety, integrity, legality, and quality, and operational controls for these criteria in the food manufacturing, processing, and packaging industry. Certification of BRC standards is a fundamental requirement of leading retailers, manufacturers, and food service organizations.



Marine Stewardship Council

This certification is used to determine if a fishery is being managed properly and is sustainable, based on current and internationally accepted knowledge in the field of fisheries science and management.

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Aquaculture Sterwardship Council

Farms with this certification are committed to acting to high standards in the food industry to ensure the preservation of the environment, biodiversity and water resources and to ensure good working conditions for their professionals.

certificadio ASC Macfont iberland

This certification ensures that plastic, tin and brick packaging and cardboard and paper packaging have a second life. This organization takes care of the environment through the recycling and eco-design of packaging in Spain.

Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación

ODS Iberland : Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

One of our pillars as a company is to create a sustainable environment and that is why we set strict guidelines to do so. Companies have a very important role in this goal (Sustainable development goals – SDG): encouraging industrial processes that do not impact the environment, incorporating companies as business partners in their value chain, encouraging the expansion of sustainable and resilient infrastructures.

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