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Our wide range of varieties of products derived from fish and shellfish make Iberland an ideal partner for your food industry. In addition to the restaurant, catering, horeca and other specialized sectors. Iberland proposes solutions to the food industry from fish and shellfish raw materials based on the use and recovery of fishing resources. A rational use for the benefit of the environment and that has an impact on obtaining competitive advantages for the preparation of countless gastronomic recipes. From the implementation of the recovery at source, its maximum sanitary control, traceability and guarantee, to advice on the processes and developments of our clients. A way of the future for healthy, economical and sustainable food.

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ODS Iberland : Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

One of our pillars as a company is to create a sustainable environment and that is why we set strict guidelines to do so. Companies have a very important role in this goal (Sustainable development goals – SDG): encouraging industrial processes that do not impact the environment, incorporating companies as business partners in their value chain, encouraging the expansion of sustainable and resilient infrastructures.

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