Sostenibilidad sello

The product deserving of the Iberland Green stamp will be a consequence of fishing, in no case the main object of it.

sostenibilidad icono normativa

Its origin and industrial production process will be in accordance with current regulations on catches, methods and tools used.

sostenibilidad y huella ecológica

The associated ecological footprint costs that may be generated will in no case exceed the sustainability benefits provided by the harvesting process.

sostenibilidad icono certificados

The processing plants must be certified by recognized quality standards and by the criteria of the Iberland Group.

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1. The raw material with the IBERLAND GREEN sustainability certification will always be a consequence of fishing, never the objective.

This requirement is related to the optimization of marine resources through technological processes that are as efficient as possible and allow to achieve a complete management of the catches, clearly influencing the preservation of marine species and ecosystems, as defended by SDG No. 14 of the UN 2030 Agenda. Value-added products, such as fillets, portions, loins, claws, tails, etc. are the usual targets of catches because of market demand. During the respective production processes, a very significant amount of raw material is generated that we properly manage to provide a second life to marine resources.


2. Origin and Process. Obtaining our raw materials will be in accordance with current regulations regarding methods, tools used, social and environmental responsibility.


3. Ecological Footprint. Minimize associated costs. The product will be obtained based on the regulations in force throughout the industrial
manufacturing process.

Illegal, unreported and prohibited destructive fishing practices are totally rejected. The effective regulation of marine resources, discards and the recovery of raw materials resulting from any industrial manufacturing process is defended.

The ecological footprint of the Iberland Green product will fulfil the premise of generating the smallest possible ecological footprint. The benefit of contributing to the use of the resource and minimizing the externalities of the ecological footprint. The impact of the ecological footprint associated with the production of any Iberland Green certified sustainable product will always be less compared to the ecological footprint related to the elaboration of the same product conceptually considered as “objective”, regardless of the economic cost generated in each case, which is usually proportional to the ecological footprint generated and therefore to the natural resources used.


4. Production Plants. They must be certified by recognized quality standards and by the Iberland Group criteria.


5. A “Second Life” with the quality of a first.


6. Sustainable competitiveness.
Sustainable products at a lower price with the highest quality.


7. Socially affordable. From the nutritional perspective, at the IBERLAND Group we supply raw materials that allow us to produce food products that also respond to the basic needs of any society.

Better nutrition implies very positive inclusive consequences such as socialization, integration and global improvement of living standards, ultimately favouring the advancement of any society.


8. Environmental sustainability.
8.1. Catch pressure reduction.
The quality certifications and GFSI standards as a recommended requirement to homologate Iberland Green products and as a guarantee of food safety. The quality certifications and standards recognized by GFSI as a recommended requirement to homologate Iberland Green products are the guarantee for safety, innocuousness and strengthening of food safety.

In the optimization of marine resources and for the generation of all the IBERLAND GREEN raw materials, the same criteria used to obtain the parts with the highest added value of the fish, applies.

Unlike other raw materials in the food field, obtaining our raw materials with the IBERLAND GREEN seal does not imply an extra cost for them to be classified as sustainable.

The efficiency of the generation processes of our IBERLAND GREEN raw materials, allows very competitive cost levels compared to value-added products, allowing the food-industry sector to use and apply it for any kind of elaborated food at prices lower than usual.

The competitiveness derived from IBERLAND GREEN products allows from the elaboration of new culinary creations to providing solutions to regular and affordable products for any purchasing power.

The IBERLAND GREEN concept favours the reduction of catches in extractive fishing and the volumes of rearing in fish farms, avoiding overexploitation and allowing the recovery of the respective marine ecosystems.


8.2. Waste reduction.
The best optimization of raw materials implies a reduction of waste and remains resulting from the fish processing industry.


The DNA of our IBERLAND GREEN certified products is, in essence, the preservation of marine resources, their biological diversity and that together with their optimal and responsible global management we can continue to enjoy them in the future.

From IBERLAND Group we contribute with our experience, work and daily effort so that future generations persist in this objective and awareness. Consequently, the optimization of marine resources makes it possible to reduce the organic waste inherent in any handling and / or production process.

ODS Iberland : Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

One of our pillars as a company is to create a sustainable environment and that is why we set strict guidelines to do so. Companies have a very important role in this goal (Sustainable development goals – SDG): encouraging industrial processes that do not impact the environment, incorporating companies as business partners in their value chain, encouraging the expansion of sustainable and resilient infrastructures.

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