Iberland Green

Since 1987, Iberland Group was born with the aim of supplying the markets with raw fish and seafood intended for transformation, but with the specific vocation of contributing to the real sustainability of the sector while maximizing competitiveness.

We believe it is necessary to enhance our production and distribution chain with the green stamp “Iberland Green” by identifying products that meet the basic requirements of responsible use of fisheries resources.

From processing plants to the end consumer, the stamp provides comprehensive visualization of the entire journey, providing important inputs for the food industry.


Optimization of raw materials derived from fishing.


Encourage new fish and seafood products, more competitive and reducing the demand for unsustainable products.


Our products are not subject to fishing, they are a consequence of it and the will to manage resources responsibly.


Contribute to reducing the impact of marine ecosystems, “Iberland Green”.

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The integral management of the raw materials that allows to obtain our sustainable products, implies in addition highly competitive prices, allowing to reduce costs in the price tag of the applications.

This is the future of fishing and to promote the necessary balance between consumption and obtaining more resources, both affordable and sustainable.

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ODS Iberland : Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

One of our pillars as a company is to create a sustainable environment and that is why we set strict guidelines to do so. Companies have a very important role in this goal (Sustainable development goals – SDG): encouraging industrial processes that do not impact the environment, incorporating companies as business partners in their value chain, encouraging the expansion of sustainable and resilient infrastructures.

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